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Marvel and In The Flesh are my little pills, and I ship like there's no tomorrow. (There isn't.)

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after watching the 50 shades trailer I’m convinced that the only interesting thing about the movie is Beyonce’s new version of crazy in love


a warm up doodle, it was super relaxing to do something without the need to over complicate it. i swear i’m drawing this man on the daily i’m sorry everyone, i’ll be finishing more interesting strange fanart soon

Anonymous asked: can I ask what the deal is with Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr. Strange? I'm no expert on all these Marvel characters but I've seen so much hate over this issue and I don't understand why~

Hi anon!!

It’s not hate from my end, per se, it’s simply this: I don’t want him to play Stephen Strange.

A character, who, by the way, is canonically a POC. Surprise, surprise! As of now, MCU is whiter than mayonnaise, and the whitewashing continues still up to Age of Ultron. WANDA AND PIETRO ARE ROMANI AND YOU CAST THE WHITEST KIDS IN THE PLANET??? Forgive me for being offended because of the lack in representation of a minor demographic and pushing more of it. What we want is diversity.

We all know that he’s talented and funny and nice, and yes, he can pull it off just like he did with Khan. *soft coughing* But you see, Benny has already had his turn what with ST:ID and Sherlock and The Hobbit being successfulWe do not need him in every popular franchise, gdi. I understand star appeal for a movie’s advertisement and success, but Marvel isn’t a franchise that needs star appeal. IT’S MARVEL for god’s sake.

In my terribly humble opinion, there are other better, more viable POC actors for the role.

Like…I don’t know. Pedro Pascal for example!!!


(look at this cutie sippin’ from a coconut)

Need for diversity barely sated, and you have your Dr Strange! Also, you’re shedding some light on an unappreciated, amazing actor, which Marvel is originally known for. VOILA.

I assure you, it’s not hate, nonnie. Simply a…distaste. Or dislike.


I did a thing, and it’s all jeanenjolras's fault.

The Avengers


"natasha doesnt have a time for your shit, barton."

because the avengers and (this) post and i had no idea why i suddenly want to draw clint and natasha. ahsgfdgas.


When I said that your legs would look damn good on my shoulders it’s not exactly what I meant, y’know…


when the two characters you ship more than anything stand next to each other in official art



not being at comic con like 



everything about this screenshot is so in character

i love that Steve retweeted it


My take on cinarart's Superior Iron Man design :)